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Viewing the images on a computer screen can no way do them justice since a computer monitor simply cannot display the same quality and resolution that is possible in print. These pictures simply come alive when printed and are available in an array of printing options. Orders generally take a few weeks and I can either ship directly to you or they will be available for pick-up in Chicago. All printing is done by a professional print shop on the highest quality papers and materials currently available. Current payment options are cash, credit card, or check.

Canvas Prints

Our canvas prints are produced on artist's canvas, similar to what a painting is made on. The canvas gives your print a texture that makes it look as if it were painted, but the photo remains clear. We coat all canvas prints with an environmentally friendly protective coating. This coating will help protect your canvas from moisture, humidity, abrasions, fingerprints, and more. With a canvas wrap you can hang the canvas directly on the wall, no mounting or framing is needed.

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Aluminum Prints

Looking for something a little different and unique, even eco-friendly? Think Aluminum Prints. With incredible color reproduction and unsurpassed durability thanks to the latest in sub-dye sublimation, these aluminum prints are sure to impress. Water resistant, UV resistant, and Eco-friendly; metal prints are more than just prints. Here are just some of the benefits:

  • High gloss

  • Will not warp or yellow with age

  • Aluminum panels are 100% recyclable


And best of all, they do not require frames! The float mount option will set the picture 1/2" from the wall to give it more depth and require no additional materials to mount. (Prices include 1/2" float mounting.)

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Standard Prints

My standard prints utilize high quality Kodak Professional Endura Premier paper. I've printed on many types of metallic paper and the Fuji is just amazing. It really glows under strong halogen lighting. Just use your favorite frame and mat and you're set.

These are common print sizes and fit most commercial frames found at Ikea, Michaels, etc.

*** For a limited time, 18" x 24" photo prints are on sale for $30 or two for $50.

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